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Best Android Controller – 2019 Guide And Reviews

The very best android control is essential for any significant android movie gamer. A bold statement but we stand by it, and with great reason. Controllers provide a far more comfortable and much more immersive gaming experience, allowing the participant to have more hands when playing.

This article will talk about the advantages of Android controllers, in addition to the qualities you ought to pay attention to if buying such controls. We also bring you a selective collection of the best ten Android controllers presently on the market. Some Background On Your Android Controller

Android controls emerged when smartphones gained more calculating potential. With this particular computing potential came the Android video game business, and it is a market that continues to rise.

Since most of you know, the many prominent console video game giants, Sony and Xbox, understand the link between the participant and the games console, that’s the controller. Rather than directly controlling the in-game characters through buttons on the console, players communicate with the console through controls.

Since Android games became more and more complex, the demand for controls emerged. It was no longer sufficient to swipe and press on the touchscreen, or split the nav button onto your Sony Ericsson at the very early times. Hence the business reacted to customer’s requests and demands and began making Android controls. Advantages Of Android Controllers

Any hardcore gamer will tell you that you want to control, but this is not correct. You can play the majority of the games with no control, and there is no denying this. But that gambling experience isn’t the same as the one using the control.

Any games which need fast reactions, like racing, sports or fighting games, are a lot simpler to play with the control. And it isn’t all about the comfort, but also about performance.

As its name implies, the controller provides you more performance and elaborate control whilst playing games. Additionally, Android revitalized old games, the ones that you played Nintendo or PlayStation 1, and the familiarity of control with those games is critical to the allure.

1.Things To Search For In The Very Best Android Controller

There are lots of factors you want to think about when buying Android gamepads and controls. We’ve created a listing to make matters more straightforward and easy to understand:


Compatibility needs to be your principal concern. Ensuring the controller will suit your device is crucial. Also, check if any specific game supports gamepads since not every match is gamepad compatible.


Search for releases that are notable. What’s more, align your tastes with this item. Are you on the lookout for arcade control with rod and buttons, or even for a longer modern-like gamepad using LED buttons?


Some Android controls have mounting choices, letting you mount your telephone on the control, temporary mixing them into a single device. If you’d like this choice, search for gamepads that provide it.


Although gamepads are generally cheap, start looking for one which matches your budget. Prices range anywhere from $25 to $100.

Now you have an overall understanding of what you ought to pay attention to allow us to have a peek at our ten finest Android controllers.

The Very Best Android Controller Reviews:

2.8Bitdo N30

We’re beginning our list together with all the 8Bitdo N30, an arcade appearing gamepad produced by Geek Theory. 8Bitdo N30 has a course and can be used with Android, Nintendo Switch, Mac and Windows platforms.

It’s powered by a lithium-ion battery for wireless Bluetooth link alternatives, but you could also plug it in via USB cable. 8Bitdo N30 includes both turbo and D-pad modes (D and X enter ), Mac and Nintendo Change style.

Upon purchase, you are going to get the control, 3m long USB cable, and Geek Theory dust cap. This item is essential for all those players who extended for arcade, old school games, particularly fighting games.

8Bitdo N30 works nicely with all the mentioned apparatus, its instance is high quality created, and apparatus features exceptional, arcade-style will present a top of the line technologies and higher functionality.


Compatibility with many platforms, such as Nintendo, Android, Mac, and Windows
Unique arcade-style
Quality instance
Extended battery life (up to 18 hours)


Default button which will not match everyone’s needs
The joystick may feel somewhat loose

3.GameSir T1

GameSir T1 features contemporary design and works nicely with Android smartphone and tablet computers, in addition to using PC, PS3, Nvidia Tablet. It also works with steam.

To link it to the smartphone you may use wireless technologies, and also the USB cable to connect it to a PC. It works with Android version 4.0 or greater, and Windows 7 or alternative future variations.

The gamepad features exceptionally functional mount, behaving as a bracket for telephones. It is possible to connect any telephone in 3.5 to 6 inches. The bracket is secure and company, making certain that your phone stays in which you put it.

GameSir T1 also includes 360°analog joystick together with D-pad buttons, allowing optimum performance. This control also includes a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, one which lasts up to 18 hours.

GameSir T1 will work with most PS3 and Windows games. If it comes to Android compatibility, then you may always use free software to test for compatibility online.


Compatibility with most platforms
Characteristics 360°analog joystick
Long-lasting rechargeable battery
Quality layout with mounting alternatives


Some clients complained about Bluetooth link, but Aside from that, this apparatus works as explained

4.Nyko Smart-Clip

Nyko Smart Clip is a DualShock 4 gamepad, working best for PS4 and Android. It allows for an exceptional hands-free experience, letting you mount your telephone on the gamepad, together with tightening knobs to maintain the telephone’s position.

It works nicely with Androids, Windows telephones, iPhones and Blackberriesup to 3.5 inches. The gamepad also lets you capture, broadcast or stream movies, using the choice to use your cellphone’s camera.

Ergonomics are excellent also, and jumped fits and feels right after playing, permitting maximum comfort and ideal gaming experience. Rubber bands are sensitive, and higher quality created but may deteriorate over time, as will any other gamepad.

Due to its layout, it works well-using smartphones, wither Android, Windows or iPhones. Nyko Smart Clip is a wise investment for casual players who need complete gaming experience.


Compatible with Many platforms
Sleek design
Outstanding ergonomics
Well made and lasting
Has mounting capacities


Rubber bands will deteriorate over time
Will not safely hold telephones larger than 3.5 inches

5.8Bitdo SF30 Guru Controller

8Bitdo SF30 Guru Controller works nicely with Nintendo Switch, in addition to using Android, macOS, and Windows. This gamepad appears older and arcade, but is exceptionally functional, including perfect movement control and vibration choices.

You have the choice to utilize Wireless Bluetooth connectivity and the USB cable. Much as with other 8Bitdo gamepads, the SF30 Guru Controller includes both D-Input and X-Input work choices.

SF30 Guru is a retro control, quite thin and lightweight, and seems really great in hands. It’ll take you down to the memory lane and remind you about your youth as you play games onto a new smartphone.

Due to the high functionality and one of a kind retro layout, SF30 Guru is among the best gamepads now on the market. It’s also worth mentioning that this gamepad features USB-C technologies, with respect to this USB cable.


Compact and lightweight
Highly functional
Compatible with noteworthy platforms and apparatus
D-Input and X-Input


Lacking mounting choices

6.MYGT Android Controller

MYGT Android Controller is a contemporary wireless control, including a modern, Predator-like layout. It’ll work on all Android 4.0 or higher apparatus, and, being contemporary, it’s also VR compatible, service major VR platforms, for example, Oculus Rift and Samsung VR.

MYGT Android Controller supports Bluetooth 4.0 or greater, enabling wireless connectivity, in addition to the USB connection. It’s the dual analog controller and D-pad sticks.

This control also includes mounting alternatives, able to maintain 4-6 inches telephones ardently. Like its rivals, it also includes a built-in rechargeable battery, and it includes the USB cable with that you may charge it.

This device also includes a 30-day money-back guarantee, together with a 2-year guarantee. Ergonomics are excellent, introducing anti-slip tech using a ribbed rubberized cover for your own company but a comfortable grip.


Contemporary layout and works
Supports VR
Compatible with most platforms
Rechargeable longlasting battery powered
Outstanding reliability, including anti-slip design technologies
Foldable mount (capable to maintain 4-6 inch telephones )


The design will not match everyone’s taste

7.KING Wireless Gamepad Bluetooth Controller

KING Controller also includes wireless link technologies, paired with the USB cable link alternative. It supports 3.2 Android and all newer versions, IOS devices with 4.3 operating system, or those over it.

It sports 3.0 Bluetooth technology that ranges around 8 meters and includes 20 hours lasting rechargeable battery, enabling maximum performance and comfort.

KING also supplies the 30-day money-back guarantee and one year guarantee on their gamepad. The most obvious quality of the KING Wireless Gamepad Bluetooth Controller is its own telescopic bracket, one which may hold telephones and pads out of 5 to 10 inches.

It works best for Android users but also works nicely with iPhones and Ipads. It’s not hard to prepare and use, feels is constructed of superior material and permits for the more comfortable gaming experience.


Telescope stand supports devices from 5 to 10 inches
Perfect ergonomics, company clasp
Quality created
Long-lasting recharge battery


Supports just Android and Ios
Clients complain that the gamepad will not work with some games it must work with

8.Shinecon VR Remote Controller

Shinecon VR Remote Controller is small on the outside, quite strong on the interior. This control works best using Android and IOS, supplying a smooth gaming experience.

The unit is compact and lightweight and will fit in anybody’s hand perfectly. It uses two AA batteries, but they do not have the apparatus, so purchase them also.

Shinecon VR Remote Controller comprises two control modes, KEY, and GAME. Utilize KEY mode for browsing and surfing, reading ebooks, taking selfies and so forth. The GAME manner is also well, for gambling.

Setup is straightforward (only hold launch button to turn it off or on ), ergonomics are great, and you can change between to modes utilizing the dedicated button. If you’re an Android user, this can be just one the best control you may procure on present’s marketplace.


Unique layout and lightweight
Very good ergonomics
Characteristics two modes (GAME and KEY)
Outstanding performance
Supports IOS, Android and Windows platforms


Comes without batteries
Somewhat fragile

8.BEBONCOOL Wireless Bluetooth Game Controller

BEBONCOOL Game Controller Amazon’s option in regards to Android controls. It’s quality made, efficient and superbly designed.

It sports two diagonally placed joysticks, L2 and R2 buttons (along with standard switches ) and also a D-pad. Works best with Samsung mobiles, but supports other people also (like HTC, LG, etc.) It’s even VR harmonious, encouraging Oculus Rift.

It also features bracket for your mobiles (supports 3-6 inch displays ), and it’ll encourage 3.2 or newer Android variants. The battery will function around 8 hours when used at full capacity, which can be convenient.

You could also download the BEBONCOOL GAMEPAD program; it provides 300 video games, of which 145 are free, and this is more than sufficient to test this out gamepad. BEBONCOOL Game Controller appears and feels fantastic, and function you for quite a while if accidence does not happen.


Beautiful and Excellent layout
Very good ergonomics
Characteristics mobile mount for maximum comfort
Works with Samsung VR
BEBONCOOL GAMEPAD program helps you locate games


Works just with Android
Works using a Few apparatus

9.NVIDIA SHIELD Controller

NVIDIA SHIELD Controller is quite discerning, working together with SHIELD tablet and mobile. But in regards to performance, oh boy!

The NVIDIA SHIELD Controller includes a gorgeous layout, has a fantastic texture, exceptional shape ensures a firm and comfortable grip and DualShock joysticks. The battery is excellent and can last up to 60 hours.

This control also includes DualShock vibration, a headphone jack (great if you would like privacy or immersive setting ), and clever voice hunt. Oh, and if you reside in the wise house, you can control it using this gamepad.

The NVIDIA GeForce experience nevertheless does not comprehend the SHIELD Controller, but NVIDIA is working on this also. This is among the greatest controls, but is quite exclusive, working exclusively with SHIELD tablet and mobile, in addition to with Windows.


Unique, futuristic layout
Smart tech
Long-lasting battery (60 hours)
Perfect ergonomics feel directly in hands
DualShock vibration
Has sound jack


Very exclusive
Some clients complain about sticky buttons
You, Will, Need to use the USB cable for PC gambling

10.KING Bluetooth Game Controller

KING discovered itself for the next time on the list, now using its exceptionally responsive and button-sensitive gamepad. It has three distinct manners: PC, IOS, and Android mode.

It’s acceptable for long-time gambling, made from an anti-hand sweat substance. It also feels directly in hands, enabling business and a steady grip. KING Bluetooth Game Controller includes 2.1 Bluetooth emitting and contains the telescope phone mount, appropriate for 4 — 6.3 inc mobiles.

The battery will last 6 hours and can be rechargeable. Most importantly, the control includes a 32- bit high sensitive processor, excellent at enrolling and processing input signal, allowing perfect and speedy performance.

The item includes a user manual and USB cable, and you also do not need to install any drivers to utilize this apparatus; plug it in and revel in the perfect gaming experience.


Fantastic ergonomics
Unique layout
Skidproof fabric
Willing to mount 4 — 6.3 inc telephones
Has exceptional modes for every platform


Does not encourage MacOs or Xbox
Mediocre battery life


Though it’s a top ten record, there are no obvious winners. Why? Well, even though we can select the very best android control, it may not work on your particular smartphone, tablet computer or other apparatus.

What’s more, you may prefer how in which the controller works, but not its appearances. It’s not easy to objectively quantify these devices since they must feel right on your hands.

But, rest assured that, should you buy any of these apparatus from the listing, you won’t regret it. Each entry in our very best android controller list may be regarded as the best at what it does and what it works with. They’ll change your Android gambling experience for good.

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