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Blue Ella Headphones

Blue is famous for its excellent, affordable variety of microphones, which can be recommended by everyone from musicians to YouTubers. The organization’s strategy with its lineup of microphones has ever been simple: Create the best possible product and sell it in the best possible cost for consumer. The company’s additional hardware job has far less exposure, and another approach.



Blue’s cans aren’t about wooing the budget-conscious crowd, but rather impressing the stingy audiophile demographic; individuals who know their sound and are ready to invest considerable quantities of money to find the best gear, and best audio, possible. It does offer just two, the Lola and Sadie, which are far more in the affordable range at $250 and $400 per, but the crown jewel would be the Ella at $700. Nothing like these headphones, with their metal and leather finish, planar magnetic drivers and built in headphone amplifier, exist in the organization’s line of microphones. This is definitely the most superior, and highest-ticket, item Blue makes. If you are an audiophile looking to up their equipment but not prepared to lay down the astronomical amount of money some of that equipment calls for, the Blue Ella headphones are a phenomenal choice. Their combination of sound and hardware is unmatched with any pair I’ve had the joy of testing from the last year. The Ellas are, undoubtedly, an outstanding pair of headphones

Updated: December 6, 2018 — 11:34 am

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