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Review of Huawei Mate 20 Pro

Broadly speaking, what’s prized is speed, fluency, unusually good battery life and a great display.

There are a few worthy candidates out there.

Samsung has had a premium foothold for many years because of its’Notice’ series, devoting big displays, excellent battery life and a lot of engine-power.

Apple soon caught up with its large-screen iPhones. But there is no wonder that the most impressive newcomer is Huawei. In its Mate 20 Pro, the Chinese company has gone all-out online design, features and power. As a bonus, it has arguably the most impressive and complete camera system on a telephone right now.

Huawei  Mate 20 Pro

Huawei Mate 20 Pro

I will get started with that attribute, as it is one that I typically look like a tiebreaker between mobiles.

The Mate 20 Guru has three back cameras, arranged in a square formation on the back. But unlike its god P20 Pro’s three cameras (one of which can be a black lens), this variety comprises three separate standard (27mm, 20 megapixels), zoom (80mm, 8 megapixels) and wide-angle (16mm, 40 megapixels) lenses. This makes it the only phone in the Irish market with a committed ultra-wide angle focal length (such as a GoPro).

For someone like me who’s considering using their telephone a lot for a camera, this can be an awesome feature to have. By default, I’m using the wide-angle lens most. It brings a look to photos that you simply can’t get together with any other handset.

The Mate 20 Pro also has the incredible’nighttime’ HDR style that brings night-time city shots, specifically, living. It requires a range of photos in a few seconds and mix them together for a fairly startling overall shot.

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